Join us on a kayak mangrove tour of the Sepang Mangrove. The mangroves are one of the natural wonders of Malaysia and exploring them with a kayak will show their beauty. Ideal for both beginners and experienced kayakers you will get a chance to get up close and personal to nature.

Kayak on a mangrove tour
Fancy an adventure within the mangrove

Mangrove tour – one of Malaysia’s natural wonders

During the tour you will learn about the fragile ecosystem of the mangroves and how it is important for our wildlife and our protection from the impacts of climate change.

All mangrove tours have a skilled instructor to guide

We have a highly skilled collection of instructors who will take you through each step from never have seen a kayak to teaching you how to paddle in the close spaces of a mangrove.  Why not book a tour today?

Students on Mangrove Tour receiving instruction
All participants receive instruction on using a kayak before the mangrove tour
Accommodation available for short vacations
Example of the roomy pod beds available

Accommodation in floating house for a short vacation

Whether you just want to stay overnight or would like a short vacation we have accommodation for you.  Our floating house sits on the river where your kayaking tour will begin and end.  We have two options an 8-bed pod style dormitory or a 4-bed private room with balcony.

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