Outdoorgate is a provider of ecotourism in Malaysia

Ecotourism in Malaysia; kayakers paddling through Mangroves

Ecotourism should be adventurous and fun

Here at Outdoorgate we aim to provide an ecotourism opportunity in Malaysia in the most sustainable way possible. We create a memorable and exciting adventure while maintaining a responsible and respectful approach to nature.

Whilst the kayaks might be plastic (this means they last longer), the platform we operate from was a rescued floating restaurant discarded on the river. Now our base, called Grovey House, has been developed using recycled wood and other materials.

Environmental awareness through education

Our mangrove tours are also a source of education about our environment. All our guides whilst taking guests through how to use a kayak will also give educational and environmental information about the mangroves whilst on the tour.

Picture: The sacrificial leaf of the mangroves. The yellow leaf is sacrificed with all the salt the mangrove filters out of the water.

Ecotourism in Malyasia provides education
Students on Mangrove Tour receiving instruction

Ecotourism is inclusive

All ecotourism in Malaysia should be inclusive of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our instructors respect this and will ensure you fully understand the kayak before entering the water.

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