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Mangrove kayaking is a fun experience

AiVee, a passionate nature and outdoor enthusiast, has been a Malaysian nature guide since 2010. She specializes in leading hiking, camping, and kayaking ecotours. Outdoor education is her mission and dream, always aiming to create outdoor activities and tours that are not only enjoyable but also educational.


Art has a deep love for nature and a curiosity that never ends. He’s passionate about learning all there is about plants and animals, and he’s always ready to explore new places, whether that’s a thick jungle or a winding river. His adventures don’t just enrich his life; they also make him a better guide, able to share his knowledge and love for the outdoors with others.


Ramon is a regular hiker, climber, kayaker, and diver who loves to get off the beaten path. He
has been an outdoor educator since 2016.


Upon retiring from corporate sector, Gary become a licenced Nature Guide and get his wilderness first aids certification. He has more than 15 years experience as guide, organise group outings and tours locally as well as overseas.


With decades of experience in water related sports, Damien is a water baby who loves everything to do with water sports. Qualified Wilderness First Aider and Lifesaver, Damien spends most of his time on either a kayak or paddle board, guiding and exploring nature.


Fiona loves spending time in nature. When not kayaking, she is hiking or diving. She has experience guiding cave tours and kayaking expeditions.


Choo is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for water sports. He participates in sailing as a competent crew member and was certified by the Asian Yachting Academy in December 2021. Additionally, he has enrolled in Star 1 and Star 2 for kayaking. Apart from these activities, he has been a Scout Master since 2018 and has attended the Scout Skipper Basic Course.


A home-loving individual who enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, and kayaking. A certified kayaker and Wilderness First Aider.

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