Mangrove tour – an ecosystem to be visited

Our mangroves are under more threat than ever.  Coastal erosion, deforestation for rice and palm oil plantations and aquaculture for cultivation of fish and shrimps have lead to an annual rate of decline of 1% (1,280 hectares).  However, they are havens for wildlife, especially young fish stock and protect from some of the worst weather in Malaysia.  To really understand the true value of our mangroves take a mangrove tour in a kayak with outdoorgate.

Protection for wildlife and us.

The tangled roots of mangroves slow tidal surges caused by a rising sea level and strong storms.  Depending on the depth of the mangroves they can almost remove the whole impact of storms on the buildings and farm land which could surround them.  The roots also provide the perfect hiding spot from large predators for newly hatched fish.  This allows them to reach adult size for our fisherman to catch.


They are also many animals which call the mangroves home.  Monitor lizards prowl the lower levels looking for weak animals.  Mudskippers can often be seen defending their territory from other mudskippers.  There are many monkeys of different races and troops who travel across the trees and if you are lucky you might even see one taking a swim.  Mangroves are also home for many species of birds including Kingfishers and the migratory White-Bellied sea eagle.

Book a Mangrove Tour Now

To fully understand how important our mangroves are why not book a mangrove tour with outdoorgate.  Spending time on a kayak allows you to get into the heart of the mangrove forecasts of Sepang, just one hour from Kuala Lumpur.

Ecotourism in Malaysia; kayakers paddling through Mangroves
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