Media Mentions

Pokok Kelapa (November, 2020)

For a long while I didn’t understand the attraction of mangroves. I assumed them to be smelly, muddy and uninteresting. I was partially correct.

Time spent in Kuala Selangor Nature Park with MNS Selangor’s Nature Guides opened my eyes to the intrinsic beauty of mangrove forests. Sure, they are muddy, but smelly and uninteresting they are not. A healthy mangrove forest should smell like a forest, and as a biodiversity hotspot, it be should be teeming with flora and fauna.  Click to read more.

Gypsy Tracker (July, 2022)

Mangroves account for only 0.7 percent of the Earth’s tropical forest area, but they are among the world’s most productive and important ecosystems.  In 2004 after the catastrophic tsunami in Bandar Aceh, governments started to raise awareness of the importance of preservation, rehabilitation and replanting of this depleting forest! They straddle the connection between sea and land and human and nature.  Click to read more.

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