Short Vacation in Malaysia – the Mangroves of Sepang

Short Vacation in Malaysia - Relax with a sunset

Take a short vacation in Malaysia and kayak through the Mangroves of Sepang.  Outdoorgate is only one hour from Kuala Lumpur and you could stay in our floating house on the river.  Take a break from the stressful and populated Kuala Lumpur and watch the world go by from our balcony or just relax in the hammock and let your troubles float away.

Short Vacation in Malaysia - reconnect with nature

During your Short Vacation in Malaysia re-connect with Nature

The smell of the mangroves, the sounds of birds, the calls of monkeys and the golden glow of a sunset are all great for our senses re-connecting with nature.  There has been much research into reducing stress through reconnecting with nature.  There are 100s of animals in the mangroves and you can read more about them here.

Short Vacation in Malaysia - Fragile ecosystem

Learn about the fragile ecosystem

Join us on a kayaking tour along the river, get into the mangroves and learn about the fragile ecosystem.  Our mangroves are under threat and the more people who experience them will learn to appreciate what they do for us.  To understand more about our ecosystem you read our blog here.

Short Vacation in Malaysia - Weekend Adventure

Book a Short vacation in Malaysia with Outdoorgate

Here at Outdoorgate, we have a package specifically designed for your needs.  You get accommodation for both Friday and Saturday nights including breakfast.  Then a morning or sunset kayak tour on Saturday so you can spend time getting closer to nature.  All this comes with a discount of RM50 per person.  Visit our kayaking page to book the Weekend Adventure.

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